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Traditional German Cuisine with a Contemporary Twist 

If you are looking for authentic, yet modern German food, this blog is the place for you.  I hope that re-cooking any of the receipts in this collection will lead any potential German guest you may entertain towards saying: “Where did you get this receipt? This is better than at home…!” Or just surprise your friends and family with something different tonight.

I recently read a blog posted by a gentleman from England. After his trip to Germany he described the food there as dull, boring, uncreative, and (most shockingly) quite tasteless…

Now…, I don’t know who created this gentleman’s restaurant selection! Nor do I know what culinary delights he is served back at home in England. From the description of his culinary experience, I am not even sure his journeys did ever take him to Germany (probably ended up in Holland 😉 ) — and of course, I substantially disagree with his choice of  adjectives.

There are many clichés associated with Germany food, some true, some no more than prejudice and hearsay. The determination to remove the clichés attached to German Food was what sparked the idea for this blog. Unfortunately, these clichés are more than re-inforced by German restaurants abroad, with their pseudo-traditional and citchy restaurant decoration and a menu that focuses mainly on, Brautwurst, Eisbein and Saurrkraut, Dumplings, and Beer.

Sure, there are many blogs on cooking, even blogs on how to cook German food.

What I will try to do here in this space, is creating a comprehensive collection of traditional German foods. In addition, I will try to add a contemporary twist to reflect our current times (some of these dishes are quite old).

Depending on the region of origin, there is a great diversity between dishes, so wherever possible I will also identify the local roots and provide a summary of the history behind the recipes.

Finally, I will use a dual measurement system so both our metric friends but also believers in other measurement systems can re-create the dishes easily.

If the recipe calls for an ingredient that you cannot get, feel free to experiment with a similar ingredient. If the preparation process is complex, I try to pay attention to details of workflow so you can concentrate on cooking and not on process.

Finally, I have included the amounts of each ingredient also in the instructions text, so you do not have to jump back and forth between the ingredients list and the instructions. (Something, most cookbooks don’t do, which drives me nuts.)

And now: recreate and enjoy.


I am a business man during the day, and turn into a hobby chef at night. I don’t only cook German food. Asian dishes are also a favorite. (I am contemplating a German-Asian Food Fusion blog… just kidding.)

Originally, I created this blog simply because I needed a place to store my favorite German receipts but then I discovered that there is much more to cooking German food. There is history, stories and variety to explore as well, which made the whole idea quite interesting.

While I have not received formal culinary training, I am not a stranger to cooking as I did have some basic cooking training a long time ago.
I am German. I grew up in Germany, traveled the country extensively and tasted many regional dishes.

I have been cooking since I was 12 years old, simply out of necessity, because both of my parents were working professionals and it was in part my job to prepare meals. (The fact that my mother was not the best cook led to me not pushing back on the idea of preparing family meals.)
Let this blog be a repository of my most favorite German dishes that I have slightly modified in order to add a bit of a contemporary twist, while still staying close to the original.

All recipes have been tested and tried by me, so now all you need to do with them is take them for a test drive.

I am happy for any feedback. Come back regularly for updates and the latest receipts.

Have fun cooking and Guten Appetit.


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