Cheese Spaetzle with Porcini Mushrooms

Region: Southwestern Germany, Switzerland, Austria Meet the parents of the American Classic Macaroni and Cheese: Mr. Gruyère and Mrs. Spaetzle I introduced Spaetzle in the previous post but did not elaborate on its history and region. Spaetzle, a German pasta variation are very dominant in southwestern German cooking, namely Swabia. It is said, that Swabian … Continue reading

Beef Ragout a la Stroganoff with Spaetzle

Region: Russia, France, all over Germany Russia had a strong influence on (East) German Cuisine after the second world war. Former East Germany, the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) or GDR (German Democratic Republic), used and modified many dishes from Russia and other Eastern Bloc States. If Bœuf Stroganoff found its way to Germany though the … Continue reading

Maultaschen on Mushroom Ragout

Maultaschen on mixed mushroom ragout – Maultaschen auf gemischten Pilzen Region – Swabia (Baden-Württemberg) History: I love Maultaschen (Maultasche without the “n” is singular).They are definitely one of my favourite German foods. In a way they are a little bit like Italian Ravioli, only larger (8-12 cm (3-5 inches) across)  and much better. They are pasta … Continue reading