Hamburg Panfish

Region: Hamburg, Northern Germany How about a fish meal that your kid will actually eat? Try this one: Hamburg Panfish Hamburg  Panfish is a very traditional dish from (you guessed it) Hamburg and popular in northern Germany and beyond.  In some way it is closely related to the German Farmers Breakfast I recently introduced. Traditionally, … Continue reading

Savoy Cabbage – Potato Casserole

Region: Northern Germany, all over Germany It’s Krauts again! I may as well try to meet the cliché. I have already elaborated on this nickname in my post on Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. No need to do it again. Here is a dish I came across the other day in one of the German Cooking Magazines. … Continue reading

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Curry Sauce

Region: Northern Germany and in variations all over Germany „Krauts“… isn’t that what the name created by the Brits and Americans during the first and second world war and that the international community still associates with the Germans because supposedly we eat so much Cabbage? If a name should be based on a certain vegetable … Continue reading

Turnip Stew (Steckrübeneintopf)

Region – Northern Germany “What is that…”? With a puzzled look, the young man at the supermarket’s check out counter held up a red/purple/yellowish round something, about as large as a baby’s head. “That’s a Turnip; tastes great in Turnip Stew”, the older gentlemen behind me chimed in. This little exchange is representative of the … Continue reading