Lentil Stew with Frankfurter Sausage and Spaetzle

Region: South-West Germany, State of Baden Württemberg, Swabia Can you whip up something delicious with the 3 main ingredients being lentils, Spaetzle, and Frankfurter Sausages? Ask any Houswife from the southwestern German Region of Swabia and they will say: Sure, it is one of our classics! Regional cooking in Swabia is much more down to … Continue reading

Turnip Stew (Steckrübeneintopf)

Region – Northern Germany “What is that…”? With a puzzled look, the young man at the supermarket’s check out counter held up a red/purple/yellowish round something, about as large as a baby’s head. “That’s a Turnip; tastes great in Turnip Stew”, the older gentlemen behind me chimed in. This little exchange is representative of the … Continue reading