Lentil Stew with Frankfurter Sausage and Spaetzle

Region: South-West Germany, State of Baden Württemberg, Swabia Can you whip up something delicious with the 3 main ingredients being lentils, Spaetzle, and Frankfurter Sausages? Ask any Houswife from the southwestern German Region of Swabia and they will say: Sure, it is one of our classics! Regional cooking in Swabia is much more down to … Continue reading

Cheese Spaetzle with Porcini Mushrooms

Region: Southwestern Germany, Switzerland, Austria Meet the parents of the American Classic Macaroni and Cheese: Mr. Gruyère and Mrs. Spaetzle I introduced Spaetzle in the previous post but did not elaborate on its history and region. Spaetzle, a German pasta variation are very dominant in southwestern German cooking, namely Swabia. It is said, that Swabian … Continue reading

Riesling Chicken – Hähnchen in Riesling

Riesling Chicken – Hähnchen in Riesling Region: Swabia (Baden-Württemberg) History: Germany is a wine growing country. Wine from the region Baden – Württemberg is considered one of the best German wines. Using wine in cooking has a long standing tradition in all parts of the country where wine is grown. Swabian cooking is also considered to be … Continue reading

Maultaschen on Mushroom Ragout

Maultaschen on mixed mushroom ragout – Maultaschen auf gemischten Pilzen Region – Swabia (Baden-Württemberg) History: I love Maultaschen (Maultasche without the “n” is singular).They are definitely one of my favourite German foods. In a way they are a little bit like Italian Ravioli, only larger (8-12 cm (3-5 inches) across)  and much better. They are pasta … Continue reading